New Glarus Scream IIPA


Type Double IPA
Origin Southern WI
ABV 9%
IBU 85

Everyone and their mom has had or heard of someone ordering a New Glarus in their day.  Generally, this beer is a ‘Spotted Cow’ from the southern Wisconsin brewery.  While a fine beer, ‘Spotted Cow’, at least in my view, has gotten a bit, well, over used.  The Bud and Miller Light drinkers who are trying to ‘go out on a limb’ and ‘try something new’, go this route.  “I’ll take a Spotted Cow”, they say.  “Full of flavor!” They say.  Well, to end my rant on Spotted Cow and to give some credit to a very well deserving brewery, New Glarus also has done some amazing things with their other beers, beers that are actually full of flavor.  Their Scream IIPA is this beer, and it will knock your socks off if you have a few.

If you enjoy an IPA, this is going to be a great beer for you. With more flavor than any typical IPA, Scream takes the idea of a double IPA to the max.  From flavor to ABV, this beer will get you talking.  A bit richer than a session IPA, Scream packs all of this great flavor and alcohol into a still, smooth and easy drinking beer.  Is this a beer to have with lunch? No.  On the trail during a break? No.  This beer is best post ride, over a big dinner while watching the sun go down.

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