Stillmank Wisco Disco

As I sit and review this beer, I look outside to 4″ of snow and calendar date clearly into the Spring season.  With that in mind, I need to disclose…this review is of the second (maybe third) can of this fantastic beer I have had in the past few hours, and yes, each additional can somehow is able to get better than the great tasting and great finishing first.

With Stillmank being a relative local brewery, just up the road in Green Bay, WI, they are able to find the flavors that best suit the Wisconsin beer drinker: high octane, full flavor, and out of a can.  What can be better?

Well, to get down to the details, this Wisco Disco is all Wisconsin and all party, want an Amber Ale? You got it.  Want it to taste a bit better than a standard Amber Ale? Yup, you guessed it.  You got it.  What I like best about this beer is they aren’t afraid to put their address on the can.  Don’t believe me? Buy a delicious and nutrious 4-Pack for yourself and find out!