Stop down for a free estimate and let us get your bicycle ready for your commute, race, ride, or restoration!

Full Tune Packages

Safety Check
  • Check & inspect contact areas of bike
  • Air Tires
  • Lubricate Chain
  • Derailleur adjustments (shifting)
  • Brake adjustments
  • Quick frame cleaning
  • Adjust major bearing components
  • Wheel true & balancing
  • Moderate frame/wheel cleaning
  • Installation service charge of any parts and/or accessories included
Standard Plus
  • New stainless cables & premium housing
  • Extensive frame/wheel cleaning
  • Full bicycle disassembly
  • Comprehensive frame/drivetrain/part cleaning
  • Overhaul/inspect/replace** all rotational areas of bike (bearings)
  • Reassemble bicycle with new stainless steel cables & premium housing (excludes hydraulic hoses)
  • Includes full year of Basic Tune (max qty. 4) for pre-event checks
** Cost of parts/accessories not included

Individual Services

Not seeing what you need below? Stop down with your bicycle for an exact estimate!

BRAKES Crank/Pedal
Adjustment $5 Install Pedals $5
Install Brake Cable $5 Install Crank – w/ bottom Bracket $25
Install Brake Lever – Flat Bar $15 Install Crank $15
Install Brake Lever – Drop $20 Install Chainring $5
Install Brake Caliper – Rim $10
Install Brake Pads – Rim $5 Miscellaneous
Install Brake Pads – Disc $10 Accident / Insurance Estimate $0
Install Brake Caliper – Disc $20 Package Bike for Shipping $50
Bleed Brake $15 Assemble Boxed Bike $50
Bottom Bracket Install Computer $5
Adjust Bottom Bracket $10 Install Handlebar Bag $5
Install Bottom Bracket $10 Install Rear Rack $15
Chain Install Saddle $5
Install Chain $5 Install Bar Tape $10
Lubricate Chain $0 Install Aero bar $15

Wheel Derailleur/Shifter
 True Wheel – Light  $5  Adjust Front Derailleur  $10
 True Wheel – Standard  $10  Adjust Rear Derailleur  $10
 True Wheel – Major  $15  Install Front Derailleur  $10
 Install Spoke  $15  Install Rear Derailleur  $10
 Build Wheel  $50  Install Front Derailleur Cable  $10
 Adjust Hub  $10  Install Rear Derailleur Cable  $10
 Install Axel  $15  Straighten/Install Derailleur Hanger  $15
 Overhaul Hub  $20  Install Shifter – Bar  $15
 Install Rear Tire  $5  Install Shifter – Drop Bar  $20
 Install Rear Tube  $5 Headset
 Install Front Tire  $5  Adjust Headset  $10
 Install Front Tube  $5  Overhaul Headset  $20
 Install Tubular Tire  $25  Install Headset  $15
 Install Cassette/Freewheel  $5 Fork
 Remove Cassette/Freewheel  $5  Install Fork  $30
 Install Star Nut  $5
 Adjust Fork – Air  $0
 Rebuild Oil/Seal  $50

6 thoughts on “Services”

  1. Have an old bike that I just want in running condition. Do you sell tires there? Could I buy tires somewhere else and have you install them? Can you give me prices on both.

    1. Hi Annie,

      Yes, we sell tires, we would also be happy to help with installation if needed. Bring your bike down at your convenience and we can get you back out on the bike in no time.

  2. Was just wondering if you buy any used bicycles. I’ve got a mens 400 series trek road bike I’m trying to get rid of.

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