Winter Stuff

You have the bike.  You have the clothing.  Ready, set… go? Nope! Not yet.

Like above freezing point cycling, there are many accessories that help make the best of your experience.  Here are 5 cold-weather must haves:

1. Bar Mitts

  • Yup, they keep your hands warm.  Yup, they work.  Yup, get some! Bar Mitts attach to your handlebar and provide the rider with a cozy spot to keep hands.  Their shape gives full ability to brake and shift, all while keeping the elements out.

2. Insulated Bottle

  • When riding in the cold, water can freeze quickly.  Unfortunately, dehydration can creep in just like the cold does so drinking throughout the ride is a must.  Try an insulated bottle to keep from chipping away ice to get that much needed water.

3. Frame Bag

  • Frame bags allow you to bring everything needed on your ride.  With room for hydration, nutrition, general tools, and room for extra clothing you can use a frame bag in lieu of a backpack.  This gives additional benefit due to a backpack restricting air flow, causing added back perspiration which can lead to a higher risk of getting cold.

4. Ski Goggles

  • Even if you are not wearing them every ride, having a pair of double paned ski goggles can keep your eyes seeing straight and clear if you plan a ride on a cold day.  While everyone’s comfort level differs, a good rule of thumb is ski goggles when it’s either below 20°F or winds are over 10mph.

5.  Accurate Pressure Gauge

  • Fatbikes run very low pressure, under 8psi is the norm in winter trail riding and more often than not, you may be running close to 0…yes, certain conditions mixed with certain riding styles can warrant pressures under 2psi.  The point here is that even 0.5psi can make a noticable impact on how your tires feel in the snow.
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