Planning for your favorite local bike shop began well over 5 years ago and on July 19, 2013 the first of many great days of turning on that ‘OPEN’ sign officially began.

The shop has changed its layout, new brands continue to pop up on the shelves and racks, and most important to us, we have seen a ton of  smiles from happy people riding bikes.  With 5 years coming up, our promise to you will not change, we will continue to offer the best product and best service around for you and your bike.

So please, join us July 21 so we can share our appreciation for you, because without you, this shop wouldn’t be what it is today.


8:00   /   Road Group Ride.  Meet at the shop for a casual 30 mile ride

8:30   /   Mountain Group Ride.  Meet at Waukau Dam Trail for some fun.

9:00 – 3:00   /   Regular Business Hours with great sales and snacks and drinks and regular fun

3:30   /   Sandwiches from LUNCH BOX start!

4:00   /   Bunny Hop Competition.  Think you have the hops to win? Doesn’t matter, come and participate, prizes include winner, 2nd, 3rd, and random placing as well!  (1st prize: $150 Bago Gift Card!)

5:00   /   That bottle of whisky that I’ve been talking about.  Time to open.

5:30   /   Winner of the bike drawing announced! MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

Till Close…    /    Beer and fun


Special Notes:

How do I win the bike?  Anyone that purchases 3 or more items from the store during regular business hours is thrown into the drawing.

What are group rides? Ride bikes with old or new friends!

What are the prizes for the Bunny Hop Competition? 1st: $150 2nd: $50 3rd: $25 Random: $100 (all gift cards to the shop!)

What kind of food/drinks are at the shop? We are sharing some snacks during the day and sharing some sandwiches from our favorite sandwich shop in town, Lunch Box, later in the afternoon.  We will have a barrel of our ‘Ride Fast Take Chances’ beer from 5th Ward too! Additionally, BYOB and hangout, this is all about bikes after all, right?!?

What if I do not want to buy anything, but want to donate to a GREAT cause?  Give us your money, it’s going to more trail development at Waukau!