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Simply put, we love bikepacking.

What is "Bikepacking"?

Bikepacking is a multi-day adventure combining both the disciplines of cycling and backpacking. The ride is generally carried out on a mixed-terrain route, and can be anywhere from a quick sub-24hr overnighter to a weeks-long cross country excursion. In most cases, it is a self-supported endeavor requiring one to load their bike with any gear/food/etc needed to complete the journey.

What kind of equipment is needed?

While the details will depend on the nature of the individual adventure, there are some general guidelines that will apply for most situations.

- Shelter: Whether it be a trusty tent, an ultralight bivy sack, or a super comfy hammock, you'll need a shelter from the elements.

- Insulation: Even when warm weather is expected, a sleeping bag or quilt will keep you warm and comfy for better sleep.

- Food: Some prefer dehydrated backpacking meals, and others enjoy busting out the cook kit and cooking over a fire. Either way, after a long day of riding, you'll be hungry!

- Clothing: In addition to your riding clothing, it's wise to bring a spare change of cloths to wear when in camp or exploring the nearby area. Make sure to plan accordingly with the weather conditions you'll be experiencing.

How do I carry all that on my bike?

There are many ways to load a bike for bikepacking. Most bikes have some means of installing racks for carrying pannier bags (a la traditional touring). More recently, bikepacking has seen the use of "bikepacking bags" which strap or bolt to the frame, offering a lighter and more aerodynamic option for hauling gear in more demanding riding scenarios. Of course, both methods can be combined to suit the needs of the rider and the ride.

What bike do I need for bikepacking?

What bike do you have now? That one. Use that one. Of course, there are bikes and components specifically made for bikepacking/adventure. So whether it's choosing the right adventure bike for you, planning and building the perfect custom "get lost" machine, or outfitting your current rig for the next weekend outing, we're here to help make the most of your two-wheeled adventures.

This sounds great! Where/when can I try it out?

We host multiple bikepacking outings throughout the year (typically every 1-2 months). Check out our events webpage or our Facebook page for more details, or stop by the shop to chat about our upcoming rides!